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Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of the Year

In my classroom my students try to earn COMPLIMENTS in the hallways/during assemblies/with substitutes/in enrichment class/etc. Anywhere that is not "in my classroom with me". Every time they earn a compliment I add a piece of the Mr. and Mrs. Potato-head. Once all the pieces are on Mr. and Mrs. Potato-head, I add a letter to their "COMPIIMENTS" board. (10 compliments per letter). It seems like a lot but you would be surprised how many compliments these kids earn. Sometimes they earn 5 a day!!!! I use this as a team building and behavior management system. If they earn all the letters to their Compliments board they earn an Ice Cream Party at the end of the year. I actually had to alter it this year and add "TOPPINGS" to the board because my babes earned so many compliments. :) they earned 6 Toppings just the last two weeks of school. Pretty Proud!!!!

Making Memories! Last day being called "Ms. Rose" :(
My Bestie Loren Ferretti makes this adorable bows! Go on over to WWW.GAMEDAYBOWS.COM and check her out!!! She has a gazillion styles. I use mine as a belt for spirit days and with a maxi dress too!

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