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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Team Building Puzzle Races

Team Building Puzzle Races

This week we really focused on center expectations and procedures. We talked about what worked in centers and what didn't. We wrote essential agreements for our Math and Reading centers and practiced rotating in centers with their groups. I asked the kids to work with their center groups to put a puzzle together but they had to do it WITHOUT talking. ;)


They did fantastic and didn't talk the whole time. I had 1 group finish in 9 minutes and the other groups were close behind. I then asked them to break the puzzle apart and do it again but this time they COULD talk.


What I thought was interesting is that it took them 12 minutes to complete the puzzle this time!!!! We discussed why we thought it took longer WITH talking and what they did instead of talking during the first round. Here are some of their responses:

"I felt like I could focus better when it was quiet."

"I used my hands to show the other person where to put the puzzle piece instead of telling them."

"It was more peaceful when we didnt talk"

:) Happy Teacher Moment!

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