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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Activity

My students are AMAZING at following directions. (I know....that sounds crazy!) but they are! I have such great listeners and communicators that it makes teaching that much more fun! I did an activity the other day that allowed my students to be creative and move around. Two things they LOVE to do! I was introduced to this type of activity from an IB training that I went to last May. I altered it to fit my lesson and students. :)

First, I found 6 pictures of random parts of a story ( I have these from an old unit in the Treasures series. You could use a picture from online if you didn't have something in your classroom)
Then, I taped it to the center of a large piece of chart paper and wrote CAUSE: at the top.
Last, I wrote EFFECT: at the bottom and wrote an effect that matched the picture.
For example: I had a picture of a coyote carrying a turtle in the desert so I wrote "The coyote carried the turtle across the desert."
I asked the students to work as a team to COME UP WITH the CAUSE! They were so creative!!!

Work as a team!
Each teammate gets to write at least once, then go back around in number order (1,2,3,4,5- my students have assigned numbers)
Each team has a different color marker so I know which team answered what.
Each team has to read the previous teams answers so they don't write the same thing!

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