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Monday, March 24, 2014


I am all for my students getting out of their seats, inquiring, and learning through doing versus watching! So, when I saw this awesome measurement activity I knew I was going to have to do it with my kiddies!!! 

First, I printed and laminated 19 pictures of random objects/ things and drew a black line on either the width or height depending on which I wanted them to measure. 

Then, I had my students make a chart in their math journals that listed the following :
-object on card
-students name
-measurement in inches
-measurement in centimeters

Last, I put a tape donut on the back of all the pictures and stuck one on each students back. (They didn't know what their object was...I instructed them to keep it secret from the person they were measuring.. This was very exciting to them!)

Then the fun began! Students really enjoyed the activity and I could clearly see who was still struggling with using a ruler correctly and who was able to make the connections between centimeters and inches. (I measured each picture under the doc cam and students checked their chart to see if they measured correctly)


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