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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earth Day

I Love Earth Day!
We get to wear our COOL Earth Day Shirts, we get to learn about Recycling, and we get to instill the importance of taking care of our planet!
In my class, we started with a KWL chart to see what we already know about "Recycling".
I am a HUGE fan of graphic organizers and questioning prior to teaching. Majority of the time, my students share connections (which the other students hear) and then I don't teach about things that they ALREADY KNOW. How boring!
For the KWL chart, they told me everything they already KNOW about recycling. Then, they wrote down 3 WONDER questions in the middle section. Last, they watched a Discovery Education video on Earth Day and wrote down things they LEARNED.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Earth Day Shirt!!!!
Earth Day Science Activity
First, we discussed landfills and why we have them. My students were completely grossed out and asked "doesn't that pollute the water and trees around the landfill?" I was so proud of their connections but sadly they were right!
I gave each student a plastic cup full of "rubber tires" (cheerios) and told them that we were going to "melt them down" (crush them). We just used the end of a marker to do this part.
Next, I gave each student a small plastic cup full of "rocks and pebbles" (salt).
Then, each student put in some "concrete" (flour).
Last, each student put some "water" (glue) to bind it all together.
It was messy and fun and they loved forming their ROADS.
Lesson learned:
Old tires can be recycled to make roadways.

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