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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Field Trip

Field Trip to the Edison Winter Estate

What do you wear on Field Trip day? I wore my comfy clothes and was obviously excited about it based on my 6 am photo!
Field Trip ready! Vera Bradley backpack and matching lanyard ;)
Lanyard for myself and parent chaperone. I broke the class in half and put a list of those students names on the lanyards for easy roll call throughout the day.
I found these cute note pads and pencils at Target in the $1 section. I got 2/$1 on the notepads and the students are obsessed with any type of pencils so these were a huge hit! The kids watched a short video about Thomas Edison prior to getting on the bus and they were asked to write down 3 wonder questions to try and answer on the Field Trip to the Edison Winter Estate.
I played a movie when we got back because WOW we were exhausted. I got these cute chevron cups once again at Target.
Thomas Edison's Laboratory
Statue of Thomas Edison
Oh and I made tie-dyed shirts last weekend for them to wear. My kids are in the blue and red tie-dyed shirts. :) Fun day with my kiddies!!!!

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