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Saturday, April 26, 2014


My fellow teachers have commented that "I LOVE to use my ANCHOR CHARTS" and they are so right! I use them as a visual and resource all the time. (yes I know my pie graph equals more than 100%....It was made prior to coffee-Whoops!)
We just finished our Chapter on Graphing Data. I enriched this "easier" chapter with additional types of graphs and a family project. (seen below)

I have to admit, this years "Family Project" participation has blown me through the roof. I had 14 out of 19 students turn in an optional Data Family Project! I love that the parents support enriching activities like this at home!

On Thursday we started our LAST math chapter on Geometry. I had the students work as a team to discuss the math vocabulary: faces, vertices, edge, 3-d, 2-d, and 1-d. We had so much fun making our 3-d Shapes foldable resource (not pictured) for their math journals.
If you haven't already read this, you need to! I ordered it off Amazon and it is such a hilarious book on 3-d shapes. The kids were so into it and it retaught the shapes for reinforcement. I asked questions throughout the story (found on TPT for free) that went along with "Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes"

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